Predicting the need for marketing automation

Marketing Automation Insider pinpoints the start of marketing automation in 1992 with a company called Unica. They pointed out, however, that most businesses at that time did not have an online presence. In addition, business email barely existed at that time. The real growth of marketing automation (MA) started in 1999 with eloqua and Silverpop. Early MA companies that entered the market in the next seven years included now familiar names like Pardot, infusionsoft and Marketo.

In 2007, Chet Holmes published a book called “The Ultimate Sales Machine”. It was a huge success. The image above is in that book.

Without directly saying it, he was making the case for marketing automation long before most marketers knew what it was.

His research showed that within a target market:

  • 3% are “Ready to purchase.”
  • 30% “Know that they aren’t interested.”

That leaves 67% of the marketing who are:

  • Open to buying, but not looking (7%)
  • Not thinking about  it (30%)
  • Think they are not interested (30%)

Marketing automation (specifically nurture campaigns) is made exactly for this 67 percent. Marketing automation can get this 67% moving up the funnel. Once you get them into the “Ready To Purchase” group (that makes them a Marketing Qualified Lead), then your sales teams can use their best skills to close the deal.

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