Marketing Automation and Weight Loss

We all know the basic formula.  Consume fewer calories than you burn and you lose weight.  But it’s not so easy and there is a $20 billion per year industry that has built up selling to people who want to lose weight. Marketing Automation is the same way.

Lead Acquisition, Nurturing, Scoring and Identifying Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).  That basic formula is easy, but it can be pretty difficult to get it done all by yourself.  And just like like the woman in the picture who is faced with so many options that she doesn’t know what to do, someone trying to take on Marketing Automation alone can quickly be overwhelmed.

The latest marketing technology super graphic from Scott Brinker at shows 3,874 marketing technology solutions.  That’s almost twice as many as last year.


This is why using a Marketing Automation Agency can be a big help.  They can help with the selection, implementation and operation of the best Marketing Technology to meet your company’s needs.  You determine WHAT needs to be done, they help you figure out the best way make it happen.

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