In a recent article at MarTech Advisor called How Hiring a Marketing Technologist Can Be Made Easy, Justin Dunham makes a good point. 

Modern marketing is driven by technology – but technology doesn’t run itself. Engineers, technology administrators and systems architects are incredibly difficult to find these days; here are some tips for getting the right people on board.

However, his take-away is not very compelling, saying that you must “figure out exactly what you’re trying to do” before making the hire.  Sort of generic advice for anyone making a new hire.  Other points include being flexible:  consider a part-timer, a tele-worker, or a student to whom you will offer on-the-job training.  Buried in his list, however, is the real solution.  Don’t hire a Marketing Technologist.

The skill set needed to successfully run a marketing automation platform is horizontal.  It takes no special knowledge of your particular business or the needs of your customers.  You already know that.  You may also have the staff in place to develop the content and creative in support of your strategy.  All you really need is someone to get all that into an automation system.

Just like companies can now outsource bookkeeping, accounting and HR jobs, you can outsource the operation of your marketing automation platform rather than hire someone who may come with a salary of nearly six-figures.  Save your budget for the tactical stuff and pay only for the operational hours you actually need.

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