Standup2cancer is a great organization. On Friday, Sept. 9, they held their annual show to raise money for cancer research.  I’m sure that some of the money they raised went to the researchers that saved my nephew Tony from Neuroblastoma. Two of his doctors from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia appeared on the show. (You can read more about his story and make a donation to the Million Mile Walk fundraiser that I’m participating in right now by clicking here).

I made a donation to StandUp2Cancer during the show Friday night.  On Saturday morning they sent me a nice email thanking me for participating.


And then looking down the page I saw this.


Aren’t you sending me this email because I sent a donation?  Don’t you know that I just donated last night?  If you can’t keep track of that, maybe you can’t keep track of other things and my donation isn’t going where you are saying it’s going. Trust shattered?

Just a week ago, I wrote a blog post about how marketing automation, when used incorrectly, could hurt your business. That post featured a comment from an associate of mine who outright stopped giving money to one particular non-profit because they continued to send emails asking for donations even after he made a donation.  Here is another case of that same thing.

Am I wrong to think that this kind of email marketing blunder can hurt a business (or a donation stream) or am I missing something?


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