Travelocity MA Mistake

I used to post a lot of these. I thought it was “provocative” to point out when companies (especially big, well known brands) made mistakes on an Email Marketing campaign or inside a nurture campaign. I even caught American Express messing up an email blast once. However, after a while I realized it was NOT such a rare occurrence. This time it is Travelocity.

Use a Checklist

My dad was in military operations/preventative maintenance engineering. He used to tell me that a perfect day was when nothing happened. I didn’t understand at the time, but a big part of his job was to start the day by running his team through a bunch of checklists. This was to prevent little things from becoming big things.

When anyone has to do repetitive, procedural work, it is too easy to miss small details. Some people may think that they are so good at setting up campaigns that they don’t need to have a checklist. But it is really the opposite. Pilots run checklists all the time. It is not an indicator that they are not good pilots. On the contrary, it is what good pilots do. They may take off and land their plane many times every day.  The checklist helps them make sure that not even the smallest detail is missed. It helps to prevent the unexpected.

It is the same for email marketing and marketing automation.  A small mistake can kill the efficacy of an entire campaign, or worse, damage your brand.

This was a simple mistake. Someone hit that SEND button before this campaign was ready. The word *TESTER* was left in the subject field. Not a big deal this time, but what if was something more important next time. This is why every mass email/nurture campaign must be run from a checklist. One entry on a “Before you hit Send” checklist would have prevented this mistake.


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