facebook-388078_1280The best marketing automation (MA) solutions allow users to optimize Facebook features. Marketers employing a top-notch MA platform can publish multiple landing pages directly to Facebook. Then, instead of redirecting Facebook users to their websites to collect data, marketers can gather data on customer behavior from within the Facebook platform. MA users can also utilize Facebook Lead Ads to promote offers and capture lead data that syncs with the MA platform.

Most marketers know that Facebook is the leading social media site for engaging with potential and existing customers. According to Pew Research, 71 percent of American adult Internet users are Facebook users as well. Besides being a way to stay connected with friends and family, Facebook has evolved into an essential tool for connecting with buyers.

As long as companies comply with accepted Facebook parameters for use—like not posting too often, and not being promotional most of the time—the social media platform can drive customer engagement with your brand. This sets the stage for building stronger, more authentic relationships with key targets—as long as your content is relevant, informative and entertaining (Facebook’s personality is lighthearted and fun).

How the Facebook/MA combo builds market share for brands

Product ads: Marketing automation software integrated with Facebook Ads enables you to create personalized, timely and relevant marketing offers in ad campaigns that use customer online behavior and transactions to target those ads. You can drive ads to customers at different points in the sales funnel, not just when they abandon their shopping carts. By loading up your product catalog and using optimized cost per thousand impressions (CPM), you can optimize Facebook’s ability to display the right ad at the right time to the right targets.

Video ad units: Since MA is about sequencing message delivery based on what someone has done or not done, Facebook has automated the display of messages based on whether someone has seen a particular video or not.

Sequencing: Facebook claims that the average Facebook ad targets 6 million people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t speak to personalization, where each creative ad is targeted to a small differentiated audience segment. But you can set up custom groups based on any data previously collected—from audience behavior on your website to segmentation and scoring information to data on offline purchases. Your MA platform can help you evaluate the efficiency of your custom audiences by monitoring the number of ad displays and the cost per acquisition for each group you establish.

Bots: Use bots to automate your customer service and sales through a merger of MA and Facebook. If a customer clicks a link from within a Messenger chat, the bot recognizes him or her and links up the conversation to the MA platform. Then software creates an individual behavioral profile, connecting data from multiple channels, including Facebook, mobile, call center, etc.

Data: Data should be collected from all available channels and integrated within your MA platform.  Behavior-based consumer data allows marketers to better personalize messages, meet consumer expectations, and save time at each step of the purchase process. Offers can then be displayed to individuals in Facebook Ads or on Facebook Messenger, as well as in other channels such as mobile, SMS and email.

In tandem with your marketing automation platform, Facebook’s broad set of features offers new possibilities for attracting consumers to your brand.

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