Everything from initial customer contact through to the sale and on to post-sale interaction should go through the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).  That doesn’t mean that Marketing will own every touch, but the data from those touches should be brought back to the MAP.  The goal is to find those touches that generate real customers and to track cost.

Live events are included in everything.  Before you head out to an event, you should know who your target customer is.  The post-event nurture campaign should be ready to go so that it starts the day you return from an event. Badge scanners with qualifying questions make it easy to generate a segmented list that can be brought home and put right into the MAP.

In order to expedite getting booth visitors into the MAP, I have even seen a number of companies abandon badge scanners for tablets running forms that are directly feeding information right into the MAP from the show floor.  Booth staff engage with visitors and collect key data right into the form.  That prospect is in the system before they leave the booth.

Integrating your MAP with your events is the best way to know the true ROI of that booth spend.


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