Handcrafted content is not going away; it’s just being optimized through marketing automation. You’ll still need talented writers to create the best possible content for your brand messaging. What these authors won’t need to do is continually re-purpose the same content for various channels and other uses.

With marketing automation, you can leverage content to provide better output to your audience. Marketing automation (MA) allows you to easily structure content using meta tags, which provide metadata about the HTML document, and intelligent content technologies. Once so structured, the content can be strategically employed to reach multiple targets in a variety of ways, gaining brands more bang for the buck.

Small companies with limited resources can be made to look large by effectively stretching content. Even some large companies, encumbered by siloed information and inflexibility, have trouble scaling. In all cases, marketers should start adding technology to content in small doses. First identify content that is known to address certain pain points, and then test MA processes on that messaging before going broader.

Don’t think you need to go it alone, either. Whether you have already implemented an MA platform or are just beginning to think about it, tactical and operational support is available from independent MA service providers who will help you derive the most value from the technology.

Overall, automating content keeps you from wasting time and energy reinventing the wheel. Just as a homebuilder can use the same nails and two-by-fours to build houses that appeal to a variety of homeowners, marketers can use the same content to craft a multitude of messages for a host of distinctive demographics and segmented buyer personas.

Each brand will differ in how it structures content for its own unique purposes, but consider structures that will allow you to easily and quickly fill a template, such as: Is it written in a format that can be tweeted? Does it include a call to action? Does it support certain campaigns?

To make sure your content matches your goals for MA, use your MA platform to tap into the behaviors and preferences of your key targets. Collect data to discover opportune moments for engaging consumers, for example. The targeting capability of MA allows you to connect just as your audience is primed for action. Be there with the right personalized content to trigger that next step.

Besides enabling you to structure and automate your content, MA offers a host of features—from email delivery to call tracking to analytics—to boost your marketing efforts to heights heretofore unimagined. Yet MA benefits are realized only on top of a robust foundation of clear objectives and strategies. If you’re organization is short on time or skills, seriously consider outsourcing MA platform operations to an expert MA service provider.

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