BEST – It’s one of those marketing words.   One of those hyperbolic marketing words that I am constantly editing out of marketing copy.  It makes a great headline, but when the goal of marketing is to educate and build trust, it just doesn’t work.  Mr. Lucas is using it specifically to compare Marketo’s marketing automation platform to Pardot and Eloqua.  However, for most of us, none of those solutions will ever be the BEST based on the budget, staff and other resources that we have available.

Don’t Say You’re World Class, Be World Class

Our customers and potential customers are overwhelmed with marketing noise.  When everyone claims to be “World Class,” or “The Leading Provider of..,” then these words mean nothing and blend into the noise.  As marketers, we want  our audience to come to the conclusion on their own: That our company is “World Class” by providing the hard evidence of our expertise and past success, not by shouting it at them over and over.

Back to the topic at hand.  Marketing Automation is a tool, just like a hammer.  We can use it as one of many tools to thoughtfully build trust and lead our prospects to the conclusion that we are the company with whom they should engage.  Or it can be used to bludgeon them with unfocused, meaningless content and messages.  Which tool we use doesn’t matter if we don’t wield it well.

Marketo’s new CEO Steve Lucas just put Salesforce Pardot and Oracle Eloqua on notice. “Marketo will be the clear and dominant force in marketing,” Lucas told CMSWire.

Source: Marketo CEO Steve Lucas: ‘We’re the Best in Marketing Automation’

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