MA Platform Selection: Don’t Err on the Side of Caution

Executives at many large companies seek reassurance, or perhaps even job security, by selecting vendors that have a hold on the market. You remember the HR manager who 20 years ago said with assurance that he would never be fired for selecting ADP. Other senior executives have fallen into the same trap. … A similar claim was made about IBM by a senior executive at a major insurance company a few years later. Today, you might see this mindset among decision

How Not To Fail With Marketing Automation

How Not To Fail With Marketing Automation
The article linked below is one of the best I've seen on the subject.  My webinar from last December,  Don't Let Them Tell You Marketing Automation Is Easy, aligns with almost all the points the author makes.  However, there is one point that he makes that I avoided, since I didn't want the webinar to be "too pitchy."  However, Scott Severson comes right out and says it as item number one: Hire A Pro For Marketing Automation It can't be said any clearer

Choosing the Best Outsourced Marketing Automation Service Provider

Your marketing automation platform vendor and your marketing automation service provider needn’t be one and the same. Platform-independent service providers are available to deliver marketing automation as a service (MAaaS). With 63 percent of companies outsourcing all or part of their marketing automation (MA) strategy planning, choosing an MA partner is a common activity. So, what’s the best way to go about it? First, you must define your business goa