Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It

Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It
This was something we all heard from our moms when we were kids.  Whether you were inheriting something from an older sibling or cousin, our just trying to get a jump on next year by buying at the end of a season, this was always a common approach for stretching the family clothing budget.  However, as a strategy for purchasing a Marketing Automation package, it’s not such a good idea.  Over-buying a complex system with bunches of features you will never u...

The Myth of AdWords, the Magic of #MarketingAutomation

The Myth of AdWords, the Magic of #MarketingAutomation
With access to over 6 Billion users, AdWords is certainly one of the most target rich environments available to advertisers and marketers.  And since Google makes it so easy to get that first ad up and running, it seems like a can’t miss way to start acquiring leads.  There are so many tools to segment your audience, measure performance, and maximize effectiveness, it seems almost impossible NOT to have some success.  This is what I call the Myth of AdWord...

Facebook Is a Marketing Automation Dynamo

The best marketing automation (MA) solutions allow users to optimize Facebook features. Marketers employing a top-notch MA platform can publish multiple landing pages directly to Facebook. Then, instead of redirecting Facebook users to their websites to collect data, marketers can gather data on customer behavior from within the Facebook platform. MA users can also utilize Facebook Lead Ads to promote offers and capture lead data that syncs with the MA pla

MA Platform Selection: Don’t Err on the Side of Caution

Executives at many large companies seek reassurance, or perhaps even job security, by selecting vendors that have a hold on the market. You remember the HR manager who 20 years ago said with assurance that he would never be fired for selecting ADP. Other senior executives have fallen into the same trap. … A similar claim was made about IBM by a senior executive at a major insurance company a few years later. Today, you might see this mindset among decision

How Not To Fail With Marketing Automation

How Not To Fail With Marketing Automation
The article linked below is one of the best I've seen on the subject.  My webinar from last December,  Don't Let Them Tell You Marketing Automation Is Easy, aligns with almost all the points the author makes.  However, there is one point that he makes that I avoided, since I didn't want the webinar to be "too pitchy."  However, Scott Severson comes right out and says it as item number one: Hire A Pro For Marketing Automation It can't be said any clearer

Gain a Competitive Edge: Attend Marketing Workshops at ITEXPO!

Learn how to utilize content marketing and marketing automation to increase sales and improve business outcomes—at ITEXPO next week (Feb. 8-10) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Your business will benefit from attendance at ITEXPO regardless of your vertical. The show will highlight the latest developments in the technology and communications sector. It’s the perfect way to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. ITEXPO is the place to get up close

Startups and SMBs: Use Marketing Automation to Give Brand Content Wings

Your marketing success begins and ends with content. No marketing automation platform—no matter how wonderful—can overcome the limitations of a weak marketing program. Yet, once your marketing ducks are in a row, marketing automation (MA) has a proven ability to increase your sales pipeline (by at least 10 percent) and revenues by up to 40 percent. A study by Ascend2 and Marketo found that a whopping 91 percent of the 25 percent most successful MA users

Revolutionize Your 2017 Marketing Campaigns With Marketing Automation

If you’ve been considering marketing automation technology because of its potential to make your marketing efforts more productive, your thinking is right on—that is, in keeping with what marketers who have implemented the technology are experiencing. In fact, according to a MarketingProfs guide to marketing automation (MA) success, MA can substantially ramp up the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Automating your marketing work eliminates mundan

Without Marketing Automation, Are You Really Ready for 2017?

Marketing campaigns—to be successful and help brands reach their goals—require a lot of repetitive tasks. Just consider the messaging that must be sent through various channels to connect with your multiple buyer personas, and how those messages need to be followed-up, responses logged, data analyzed ... the list goes on. Thankfully, marketing automation solutions have emerged that spare marketers the tedium and minutiae involved in both getting the word o

CEOs: CMOs Must Drive Revenue Growth

Today’s CEOs expect their chief marketing officers (CMOs) to share their top-line growth and revenue-generation mandates. The role of these brand ambassadors, who once managed marketing as a formalized process that included traditional advertising, has evolved with the rise of digital technology and the decline of global economies. Today, businesses are only as strong as their market strategies, and those must include data, science and technology as...