Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It

Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It
This was something we all heard from our moms when we were kids.  Whether you were inheriting something from an older sibling or cousin, our just trying to get a jump on next year by buying at the end of a season, this was always a common approach for stretching the family clothing budget.  However, as a strategy for purchasing a Marketing Automation package, it’s not such a good idea.  Over-buying a complex system with bunches of features you will never u...

Facebook Is a Marketing Automation Dynamo

The best marketing automation (MA) solutions allow users to optimize Facebook features. Marketers employing a top-notch MA platform can publish multiple landing pages directly to Facebook. Then, instead of redirecting Facebook users to their websites to collect data, marketers can gather data on customer behavior from within the Facebook platform. MA users can also utilize Facebook Lead Ads to promote offers and capture lead data that syncs with the MA pla

MA Platform Selection: Don’t Err on the Side of Caution

Executives at many large companies seek reassurance, or perhaps even job security, by selecting vendors that have a hold on the market. You remember the HR manager who 20 years ago said with assurance that he would never be fired for selecting ADP. Other senior executives have fallen into the same trap. … A similar claim was made about IBM by a senior executive at a major insurance company a few years later. Today, you might see this mindset among decision

Marketo CEO Steve Lucas: ‘We’re the Best in Marketing Automation’

Marketo CEO Steve Lucas: ‘We’re the Best in Marketing Automation’
BEST - It's one of those marketing words.   One of those hyperbolic marketing words that I am constantly editing out of marketing copy.  It makes a great headline, but when the goal of marketing is to educate and build trust, it just doesn't work.  Mr. Lucas is using it specifically to compare Marketo's marketing automation platform to Pardot and Eloqua.  However, for most of us, none of those solutions will ever be the BEST based on the budget, staff and

Marketing Automation: Not Always Easy, but Effective

The jury is still out on whether marketing automation is easy or difficult. A recent article in MarTech Today would have us believe it’s easy—even though the author starts out by telling us that experts say it’s “complex.” What is it about marketing automation that generates such a wide spectrum of opinion on its ease of use? The source of this discrepancy is likely the prerequisites for optimizing marketing automation: a clean database, spot-on audienc...

MA Resolves Top Marketing Challenges Identified by HubSpot Study

According to a HubSpot survey of 4,500 marketing and sales professionals, the top marketing challenges for businesses are generating traffic and leads (65 percent of respondents) and proving the ROI of marketing activities (43 percent). To address these challenges, successful companies are turning to marketing automation software, which is also known in some quarters, aptly, as “lead generation software.” Here’s how the technology helps relieve these tw...

SMBs: Maximize Your Engagement Potential With Marketing Automation

Valuable data will pass you by if you try to manually organize and analyze it. Good luck with that in today’s Digital Age. Sure, your marketing team has their ears to the ground and great gut instincts about who your buyers are and where your industry is headed—but, really? Is that what you’re going to hedge your bets on when it comes to building revenue? You won’t come to know your customers intimately and engage them with personalized messaging with anyt...