Startups and SMBs: Use Marketing Automation to Give Brand Content Wings

Your marketing success begins and ends with content. No marketing automation platform—no matter how wonderful—can overcome the limitations of a weak marketing program. Yet, once your marketing ducks are in a row, marketing automation (MA) has a proven ability to increase your sales pipeline (by at least 10 percent) and revenues by up to 40 percent. A study by Ascend2 and Marketo found that a whopping 91 percent of the 25 percent most successful MA users

Revolutionize Your 2017 Marketing Campaigns With Marketing Automation

If you’ve been considering marketing automation technology because of its potential to make your marketing efforts more productive, your thinking is right on—that is, in keeping with what marketers who have implemented the technology are experiencing. In fact, according to a MarketingProfs guide to marketing automation (MA) success, MA can substantially ramp up the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Automating your marketing work eliminates mundan

The platform is just the first step to #marketingautomation for the SMB

The platform is just the first step to #marketingautomation for the SMB
The article below from martechtoday sounds like it was written by someone who sells a #marketingautomation platform. They tell you that you can get inexpensive solutions that are easy-to-use, require little or no technical expertise, and limited effort to keep campaigns running. They also talk about how easy it is to create emails, landing pages, and nurture campaigns. What the author only brushes on is the need for content that drives all of these program...

Without Marketing Automation, Are You Really Ready for 2017?

Marketing campaigns—to be successful and help brands reach their goals—require a lot of repetitive tasks. Just consider the messaging that must be sent through various channels to connect with your multiple buyer personas, and how those messages need to be followed-up, responses logged, data analyzed ... the list goes on. Thankfully, marketing automation solutions have emerged that spare marketers the tedium and minutiae involved in both getting the word o

CEOs: CMOs Must Drive Revenue Growth

Today’s CEOs expect their chief marketing officers (CMOs) to share their top-line growth and revenue-generation mandates. The role of these brand ambassadors, who once managed marketing as a formalized process that included traditional advertising, has evolved with the rise of digital technology and the decline of global economies. Today, businesses are only as strong as their market strategies, and those must include data, science and technology as...

Content Strategies for Building SEO

How can marketers turn an unknown individual searching the Web into a real customer? This is the goal of search engine optimization (SEO): getting your brand to the top of search rankings so consumers can find your products and services. Optimizing search engines (software systems designed to search for information on the Web) to drive traffic to your website has become a mainstream marketing activity because it can dramatically increase online-generate

Martech and Sales tech are a perfect match – #marketingautomation

Martech and Sales tech are a perfect match – #marketingautomation
I really can't say it any better.  When Marketing Data, Sales Data, and Advertising Data are considered as a whole, there is no better way to understand and target your perfect customers. The magical trifecta is martech, adtech and sales tech, which a number of leading technology companies are bringing together to get the most bang for their buck. It's more than convenience-it's real passion and has the potential to bring together marketing and technology

Marketing Automation: Custom-Create Content for Your Unique Audience

Handcrafted content is not going away; it’s just being optimized through marketing automation. You’ll still need talented writers to create the best possible content for your brand messaging. What these authors won’t need to do is continually re-purpose the same content for various channels and other uses. With marketing automation, you can leverage content to provide better output to your audience. Marketing automation (MA) allows you to easily structu...

New Marketing Technology News Site for Industry Professionals Announced

MarTech Today is a new industry publication, and companion mobile app, dedicated to marketing technology (martech) news. It covers a variety of trending topics in the martech space, including advertising technology, data management platforms, CRM and marketing automation technology. The MarTech Today website, announced in mid-October, is a product of Third Door Media, the leading digital marketing publisher.  It is aimed at CMTs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs and ma

Choosing the Best Outsourced Marketing Automation Service Provider

Your marketing automation platform vendor and your marketing automation service provider needn’t be one and the same. Platform-independent service providers are available to deliver marketing automation as a service (MAaaS). With 63 percent of companies outsourcing all or part of their marketing automation (MA) strategy planning, choosing an MA partner is a common activity. So, what’s the best way to go about it? First, you must define your business goa