Awhile back, your team purchased a powerful automation program hoping it would streamline your B2B marketing campaigns.Now, you’re still tapping your fingers and waiting for the results to trickle in. But nothing has changed.

We see this happen to businesses all the time. Administrators are finding out the hard way that marketing automation platforms come with hidden costs and complexities that can act as major barriers to success.

If your company isn’t benefitting from its marketing automation platform, it could be time to outsource operations to a marketing automation as a service provider offering expert guidance and backend management.

Here are three signs that it’s time to do so:

  1. It’s wasting time: Your team spends more time trying to figure out how its marketing automation solution works than it spends using it to improve their strategy. Your software is far from the “plug and play” style solution that you were sold.
  2. Only one person knows how to use it: Perhaps you have a tech-savvy marketer on your team who knows his or her way around the technology, and is actually doing pretty well with it. What would you do if this person put in his or her two weeks’ notice tomorrow? Turnover is extremely high in marketing, and so it’s important to have access to more than one expert to oversee this type of task.
  3. There is no feedback: Despite the fact that your marketing platform is collecting and reporting information, your team doesn’t know what to do with it. In fact, you may even be analyzing the wrong types of metrics. As such, there is no clear way to determine whether your marketing efforts are paying off.

Marketing Automation Partners solves these problems by offering a cutting-edge marketing automation as a service platform. To learn more about how Marketing Automation Partners can turn your marketing strategy around, click here.

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