Revolutionize Your 2017 Marketing Campaigns With Marketing Automation

If you’ve been considering marketing automation technology because of its potential to make your marketing efforts more productive, your thinking is right on—that is, in keeping with what marketers who have implemented the technology are experiencing. In fact, according to a MarketingProfs guide to marketing automation (MA) success, MA can substantially ramp up the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Automating your marketing work eliminates mundan

CEOs: CMOs Must Drive Revenue Growth

Today’s CEOs expect their chief marketing officers (CMOs) to share their top-line growth and revenue-generation mandates. The role of these brand ambassadors, who once managed marketing as a formalized process that included traditional advertising, has evolved with the rise of digital technology and the decline of global economies. Today, businesses are only as strong as their market strategies, and those must include data, science and technology as...

New Marketing Technology News Site for Industry Professionals Announced

MarTech Today is a new industry publication, and companion mobile app, dedicated to marketing technology (martech) news. It covers a variety of trending topics in the martech space, including advertising technology, data management platforms, CRM and marketing automation technology. The MarTech Today website, announced in mid-October, is a product of Third Door Media, the leading digital marketing publisher.  It is aimed at CMTs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs and ma

Choosing the Best Outsourced Marketing Automation Service Provider

Your marketing automation platform vendor and your marketing automation service provider needn’t be one and the same. Platform-independent service providers are available to deliver marketing automation as a service (MAaaS). With 63 percent of companies outsourcing all or part of their marketing automation (MA) strategy planning, choosing an MA partner is a common activity. So, what’s the best way to go about it? First, you must define your business goa

Good Reasons to Outsource Marketing Automation

Is your marketing automation platform producing the anticipated results? If not, you’re not alone. Some 85 percent of B2B marketers feel they are not harnessing the full potential of their marketing automation platforms, according to SiriusDecisions. So, what’s going on? Fully 71 percent of marketing influencers polled by Ascend2 for its Marketing Automation Trends Survey this year report using marketing automation to some extent. Yet, the majority of t...

MA Resolves Top Marketing Challenges Identified by HubSpot Study

According to a HubSpot survey of 4,500 marketing and sales professionals, the top marketing challenges for businesses are generating traffic and leads (65 percent of respondents) and proving the ROI of marketing activities (43 percent). To address these challenges, successful companies are turning to marketing automation software, which is also known in some quarters, aptly, as “lead generation software.” Here’s how the technology helps relieve these tw...