Startups and SMBs: Use Marketing Automation to Give Brand Content Wings

Your marketing success begins and ends with content. No marketing automation platform—no matter how wonderful—can overcome the limitations of a weak marketing program. Yet, once your marketing ducks are in a row, marketing automation (MA) has a proven ability to increase your sales pipeline (by at least 10 percent) and revenues by up to 40 percent. A study by Ascend2 and Marketo found that a whopping 91 percent of the 25 percent most successful MA users

Martech and Sales tech are a perfect match – #marketingautomation

Martech and Sales tech are a perfect match – #marketingautomation
I really can't say it any better.  When Marketing Data, Sales Data, and Advertising Data are considered as a whole, there is no better way to understand and target your perfect customers. The magical trifecta is martech, adtech and sales tech, which a number of leading technology companies are bringing together to get the most bang for their buck. It's more than convenience-it's real passion and has the potential to bring together marketing and technology

Good Reasons to Outsource Marketing Automation

Is your marketing automation platform producing the anticipated results? If not, you’re not alone. Some 85 percent of B2B marketers feel they are not harnessing the full potential of their marketing automation platforms, according to SiriusDecisions. So, what’s going on? Fully 71 percent of marketing influencers polled by Ascend2 for its Marketing Automation Trends Survey this year report using marketing automation to some extent. Yet, the majority of t...