Now that is one provocative title for a blog post! However, it’s not mine.  It comes from a post one the website by AJ Agrawal (link below).  It’s right up there with, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The article itself, not so much. Two big take-aways.

Marketing Automation is so much more than email marketing.  The author says that if that’s all you are using it for, you are not getting its full range of benefits.  That omission could hurt your business.  I’ll go further and say that if that’s what you are using it for, save your money and go get a subscription to something that just does email marketing.

Don’t paralyze yourself with tech.  I think this is his most important point.  With close to 4000 products now calling themselves “Marketing Technology” or “Marketing Automation” it is easy to get overwhelmed.  You need to carefully plan what you are trying to accomplish and then select the right tools to make it happen.  You need to set measurable goals and then work towards a solution. Downloading a bunch of tools in hopes of finding one that will cause some undefined positive result is a formula for paralysis and mountains of wasted time.

For example, never use marketing automation just because you’re lazy.

Source: 5 Ways Marketing Automation May Be Doing Your Business More Harm Than Good

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