When I first started blogging about Marketing Automation on my original blog site at www.ghostpoint.com,  I often posted with the hashtag #emailmarketingfail and #marketingautomationfail.   It was not hard to find examples of companies large and small making simple mistakes in their campaigns that should easily be avoided.  I even caught American Express pushing that SEND button too soon. Once I realized that these kinds of mistakes are very common, I curtailed posting about them.  Also,  I limited my comments to Digital Campaigns.  However, this one is just too dumb NOT to comment on.  I received this via snail mail, from Patient Care Now.  Take a Look at this #marketingfail.

Marketing Fail FrontMarketing Fail Back

Do you see what’s missing?

I looked it over several times to make sure, because I couldn’t believe that anyone could SCREW UP THIS BIG!


No contact information.  No Address, No Phone Number, No Website, No Email Address.  So basic marketing mistakes are not limited to those of us who live mostly in the digital worlds.

How many thousands of dollars do you think they wasted on this one?  Better Luck Next Time!

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