It’s a problem that countless marketing departments are struggling with today:

In an effort to streamline operations, many managers are investing in marketing automation platforms — only to get blindsided by the overwhelming amount of time and effort it takes to implement the system and start profiting.

In many cases, marketing automation platforms are proving to be more trouble than they are worth. But this has little to do with the actual platforms, and everything to do with a lack of guidance and strategy.

Simply put, most teams don’t know how to use these solutions!

For this reason, there is a big demand right now for marketing automation platforms that can serve as alternatives to products like HubSpot and Pardot. FunnelBud, for instance, recently teamed up with a company called SharpSpring and unveiled a new platform that combines a marketing platform with agency services at no additional cost. It’s an ideal solution for both large businesses that need training and assistance while getting started, and for small organizations that lack the manpower to manage their platforms on their own.

As it turns out, demand is surging for this type of service. In the first six months after pitching its integrated marketing automation solution, FunnelBud gained 12 new clients. And one of its clients experienced an ROI of 10 times its sign up fee in just three months!

So as you can see, this type of service really works. And here at Marketing Automation Partners, we are proud to announce that we offer a similar platform and service.

We offer more than just a cutting-edge HubSpot alternative, but also access to a team with decades of experience in creating and executing B2B marketing campaigns. Our solution allows customers to start generating strong returns almost immediately after signing up — instead of waiting for results that will never come.

To learn more about how Marketing Automation Partners can help your marketing department soar, click here.

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