A properly implemented and managed Marketing Automation platform drives more Qualified Leads to the Sales Team. However, the investment in a Marketing Automation platform and the staff to operate it often exceed the available budget of many SMB Marketing Teams. With Marketing Automation Partners, you can outsource the platform and the team to keep it running for less than what you would expect to pay a single Marketing Automation Technician.

Benefits of our service

  • Reduce cost by outsourcing the operation of the Marketing Automation Platform
  • Keep your focus on the Messaging and Content that is critical to your marketing effort, let our experts implement your campaigns, delivering the MQLs and analytics you need keep measure and show the success of your marketing efforts.
  • No need to add to your marketing headcount
  • Purchase just the hours you need to implement your campaigns.
  • Access to our experts to help you interpret and understand the analytics generated by MAP
  • No need to develop in-house expertise in running a Marketing Automation Platform. Keep your focus on your core business.
  • Keep the focus on the results, not on the Marketing Technology.
  • Expert guidance as you launch your Marketing Automation Strategy, from the basics of implementation through to properly utilizing the most advanced functions available.