There are many reasons to attend a trade show. Networking, Press Opportunities, Branding, and of course, lead generation. For most of us, lead generation is measure of a truly meaningful and cost-effective show. Yet how many times has Marketing brought home a stack full of business cards or badge scans, only to have the HOT leads get all the attention, while many dozens of prospects fall through cracks. Even when you marketing does do a follow-up email blast or two, most of these prospects are forgotten about.
A proper, post-event nurture program can solve this issue. Marketing Automation Partners can help you design and execute a post-event follow-up and nurture program that will turn these forgotten contact into engaged prospects that have an excellent chance of becoming customer in the future.
Before an event, we can help you focus your messaging and have the right post-show emails and content ready to send as soon as the event concludes. For months after the event, we will continue to measure the activity generated by these emails, and alert your sales team of any activity. Even if someone wasn’t ready to make a purchase or engage your services right after the event, these nurture campaigns can keep your company at their front-of-mind until such time as they are ready to purchase.
We can also show you ways to more effectively capture lead information right on the trade show floor, so you know more about your booth visitors and send them even more highly targeted information post event. Over time, you can significantly increase the amount of business generated by events.