marketing automation support

Even though you may have already selected and implemented a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), you may have found that you are not seeing all of the benefits that you were promised or expected.  This is not uncommon.

In many cases, the reason is simple: Stetting up new campaigns, maintaining existing campaigns and general operation and support of the MAP takes significantly more hours than are available from the marketing department.  This where we can help.  Our team of Marketing Automation professional are available on an hour basis to support your team in the operation of your Marketing Automation Platform.

In the same way that an account department can outsource the basics of bookkeeping and payables, you can now outsource the basic of the operations of your MAP to us.  Whether you need just a block of hours to help you get through an exceptionally busy period, or you need a subscription plan to when your department is short-handed due to an extended employee absence or departure, we have a plan that can meet your needs.

Our team works at your direction to implement your strategy and tactics on your platform.

Time Blocks – These hours do not expire and my used until the supply is exhausted

10 Hours $1,800
25 Hours $4,250
50 Hours $8,000


Retainer Block – This is a monthly charge.  Unused hours may not be carried forward

20 Hours $2,500
40 Hours $4,800
80 Hours $9,200