View reports on your ROI

Transformative Email Analytics

Track email success all the way to bottom line ROI. Follow stats like clicks, opens, bounces, and deliveries to optimize messaging. Know which links in your emails are working and which are not.

Track your campaign and get your marketing moving!

Campaign Tracking

Understand your end-to-end conversion cost and revenue to arrive at the true ROI of your marketing efforts. Automatically track your website visitors’ conversions (without the need to setup conversion funnels) from the moment they first visit, all the way through the final sale – even if that sale happens weeks or months later via an offline transaction.

Google adwords integration.

Google AdWords Integration

Track your paid search campaigns, see robust keyword data and follow AdWords costs all the way to the bottom line to determine the true cost of a qualified lead. Make key decisions with a full understanding of search engine marketing ROI.

Track user behavior on your website, emails and campaigns.

Behavior Tracking

Life of a Lead tracks interactions for every contact in Contact Manager including site visits, emails, webinars and social events. Each interaction can be set to trigger to custom automation and engage with the contact at a critical point in their unique buying process.

Work with any device and identify iPhones to Androids!

Multiple Device Tracking

The Platform recognizes and tracks all of the various devices a contact may use to visit your site. This includes smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and helicopters. Well, maybe not helicopters…

Track and prove your ROI with a single click

End-to-End ROI

Good campaigns start with an end-to-end ROI goal. Campaign Insights provides actionable metrics every step of the way to keep goals clear and attainable.

Gain detailed analytics and reports on your website's performance.

Custom Reports

Reports provide all the information you need to measure your current success and accurately forecast future performance. Customize Campaign, VisitorID and CRM reports to include metrics that matter.

Gain unprecedented insights into your bottom line.

Form Insights

Measure, compare and optimize form performance with complete insights. Better understand your marketing ROI with powerful metrics like Total Cost Per Lead.

Track and report on your emails

“After-the-Click” Email Tracking

The Platform goes beyond the capability of traditional ESP’s like MailChimp and Constant Contact by providing complete information on a visitor’s activity after they click through from an email. Know every page visit, form filled out, webinar sign-up and white-paper that is downloaded from the email campaigns you send.

Put your analytics into a workflow for more efficient turnover.

Workflow Analytics

View the performance of an entire workflow, such as a drip campaign, and know what is causing your leads to engage, convert or unsubscribe. Increase your sales and reduce list churn by optimizing each component.

Group tag your analytics to make informed decisions about your business spend.

Campaign Tagging

Group, ungroup, slice and dice with campaign tagging. If it has a name, it can be a tag, but a few common ones are email, google, referrals, organic and offline. Make tags as specific or broad as you like.

Track as many sites as you want.

Track As Many Sites as You’d Like

Add a tracking code snippet to a website, microsite, blog or landing page in seconds to start generating leads. Track as many sites as you’d like and monitor them in one place.

HDYHAU integration and tools


Do you employ non-digital, traditional, marketing like tactics like tradeshows, print ads or postcard mailings? No problem! Attribute leads to the proper campaign with the customizable “How Did You Hear About Us?” field. HDYHAU? uses behavior-tracking to only appear for leads that aren’t automatically tracked through web-based tracking.