Nurture your leads with drip emails and content marketing.

Lead Nurturing

Automate drip email campaigns to continually engage leads early in the sales process. Educate them and stay top of mind as they move their way through the purchase decision. Notify salespeople when leads are ready to buy.

Score leads automatically based on their interest.

Lead Scoring

Focus your sales team on hot prospects. Score leads based on engagement. Increase or decrease scores based on page visits, filled out forms, content downloads and the demographic characteristics that fit your sales model. Decrease scores by setting a “decay rate,” and automatically nurture leads until they are ready to be sold.

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists

Create dynamic lists, which automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria, for powerful behavioural-based customer segmentation. For example, keep a running list of every lead who is interested in a specific set of products, comes from a specific location, has a lead score above “x” and has visited your pricing pages but not yet purchased.

Email and Text Alerts

Email and Text Alerts

Trigger a workflow to send internal contacts, like sales, email and text notifications when something interesting happens. Receive actionable data and respond accordingly without even logging in to the app.

Set automation rules easily and quickly.

Robust Rules Engine

The rules engine is the meat and potatoes of The Platform. It’s a component at the heart of the app that makes sense of the tasks, workflows and lists. Bottom line, it rules.

Trigger your email sends and campaigns.

Triggers and Filters

Triggers kick off your workflow to segmented users, then filters further segment and target your users by their specific actions and interests. The Platform has all the triggers and filters you need to control your automation tasks and get one-to-one with your users.

Postback URL

Postback Data and 3rd-Party Integration

Pass data to your application or database of choice by simply adding a Postback URL.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Web Content

The future of a more personal web experience is here! Dynamic website content allows you to change your site for each lead that visits. A lead visits the site for the first time? Offer him a white-paper or educational material. A contacts’ lead score indicates they are ready to buy? Offer an instant discount to close the sale.

Multiple device tracking - from iPhones to Androids.

Multiple Device Tracking

The Platform recognizes and tracks all of the various devices a contact may use to visit your site. This includes smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and helicopters. Well, maybe not helicopters…

Dynamic Email Content

Dynamic Email Content

With dynamic emails, send unique content to each recipient, from one workflow. Based on your leads’ specific attributes, interests, and actions, be personal and relevant automatically – with no burden of manual email customization.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Automatically email and follow up with leads’ that forgo their potential purchases and turn abandoned shopping carts into redeemed transactions.