Call Tracking

Single sign on for access to all your leads

Single Platform

Only one system to maintain. Set up campaigns once – without the hassle of multiple platforms, tracking codes, account managers and bills.

Track and report on your leads

Unified Reporting

All leads are tracked in one platform, whether by phone or form. Accurately report end-to-end ROI on all marketing tactics.

SalesMatch integrates with SharpSpring


Displays callers’ actual site visit behavior including each page visited and the campaign that brought them to the site. Arm phone representatives with real-time, actionable information needed to close sales.

Email automation rules based on your tracking


Seamlessly sync callers to your CRM and Marketing Automation: Callers can be instantly followed up with via automated drip campaigns and workflows.

Affordable Marketing Automation


Cost comparable or less than standalone call tracking providers, with all the benefits of full marketing automation and CRM integration.