We are at a turning point in business, where automation is disrupting all areas of the enterprise. Every department is now using automation in some form or another, from sales to manufacturing.

Now, marketers — who have long been underserved in this area — finally have the opportunity to leverage automation as well. Marketing automation platforms are making it possible to drive more sales, improve productivity and eliminate time waste.

It’s important to realize, though, that not all marketing automation platforms offer the same level of quality or features. With this in mind, here are three things to look for when selecting a marketing automation platform:

Guidance and support: Investing in a powerful marketing automation platform is one thing; knowing how to use it — and profiting from it — is quite another. Many organizations purchase platforms that are actually too powerful and complex, and fail to maximize their value. It’s possible, though, to invest in marketing automation as a service. This will provide access to a team of trained and experienced marketers, as well as a powerful, hosted platform — sparing you the hassle of implementing the platform yourself.

CRM integration: Chances are likely you are already using a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system in your organization. You shouldn’t have to worry about starting over with a new system. Look for a marketing automation platform that will integrate with your current CRM system, so that you can make a seamless transition.

Visitor identification services: This is one of the most exciting new features in marketing automation. Did you know that it’s possible to identify visitors on your website, even when they don’t fill out registration forms? Now, some marketing automation platforms have the ability to reverse look-up a visitor’s IP address so that you can see exactly who is on your website.

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