Forty-two percent of the 50,000+ respondents to the Marketing Automation Trends Survey by Asend2 in February of 2016 said that Complexity of the System that they selected was one of their Most Significant Barriers to the successful implementation of Marketing Automation. With the help of Marketing Automation Partners, you can avoid all too common issue. By outsourcing the operation of your Marketing Automation Platform to the experts at Ma.P, you simple tell us what you want your platform to do and we make it happen. Or if you haven’t yet subscribed to a Marketing Automation Solution (or think it might be time for a change) we can quickly demonstrate how our simple, intuitive, all-inclusive solution can easily start you on the path to creating more qualified leads for your sales team and give you the ability to accurately show how marketing truly contributes to top line revenue by easily tracking marketing expenses and calculating true Cost-Per-Lead and ROI.

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