Are you at your wit’s end tying to improve your company’s outbound email strategy? If so, you’re not alone. Email marketing may look easy, but it can be incredibly challenging.

Here are some of the top reasons why email marketing strategies fail:

  1. Compatibility issues: What you see on your own screen when sending an email may not be what your reader sees. Images and blocks of text may shift places or disappear altogether, especially when being viewed over a mobile device. When this happens, even a great email could be overlooked as spam.
  1. Zero visibility: We’ve all been there: You spend a long time writing an email, hit send and then never hear back from the recipient — leaving you wondering why. Understand, though, that a number of different things could be silently happening in the background when this occurs. For instance, the email may wind up in a spam folder by accident. Or, it could get opened and quietly passed along for further review. Without any advanced behavior tracking tools, it’s impossible to gain a full understanding.
  1. Poor targeting: The trick with email is to send the right piece of targeted content, at the right time. But this requires one thing: Data. Emails need to be crafted and distributed using targeted insight about each lead — like their interests and actions on your website. For instance, if someone downloads a white paper, you’ll want to send a targeted email afterwards guiding them to the next step in the buying process. This is a lot more effective than sending generic emails at random times.

Now, here’s some good news:

With some help from Marketing Automation Partners, you can easily overcome these types of challenges.

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